Use this our list of contemporary african american authors to purchase your best novels and non-fiction books. Remember these authors when you order online or visit a bookstore.

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black and african american authors
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Black and African- American Lists

Black Authors

Lois Center-Shabazz

AA Roberts
Alice Wootson
Amy Alexander
Angela Benson
Anita Bunkley
Anita Shreve
Anna J Forrest
Asha Bandele
Baba Evans Moore
Barbara Custer
Bea Joyner
Bernice Mc Fadden
Brenda Jackson
Brenda Thomas
Brian Kieth Jackson
Carl Weber
Carol Gee
CE Cost
Celise Downs
CF Hawthorne
Cha (Mixed Tape Queen)
Cherlyn Michaels
Cheryl Robinson
Christine Young- Robinson
Crystal Ellis
Crystal Rhodes
Cynthia Hunter
Darlene Johnson
Darshell Du-Bose Smith
Debora Gossett Rivers
Debra Clayton
Debra Phillips
Delores Thornton
Denene Miller
Denise Campbell
Denise Lewis Patrick
Denise Turney
Donna Hill
Dorrie Williams-Wheeler
E. Lynn Harris
Electa Rome Parks
Emanuel Carpenter
Eric Jerome Dickey
Eve Hall
Francis Ray
Gail Johnson
Gail Wyatt
Gayle Jackson Sloan
Heather Covington
Heru Ptah
Hiconson (Ghrtto Heat)
Hope C. Clarke
J. Imes
Jackie Hardrick
James L King
James Lewis
Jamise Dames
Jessica Tilles
Joan Morgan
Julia Boyd
Kalico Jones
Karen Quinones Miller
Kashamba Williams
Kayla Perring
Keith Boykin
Kelvin Lassiter
Kendra Bellamy
Kevin Powell
Kimberla Lawson
LA Banks
Laura Daye
Lavora Perry
Lawrence Christopher
Linda Dominique Grosvenor
Linda Hayes
Lois Center Shabazz
Lolita Files
Lynnette Khalfani
Marcus Major
Margie Gosa Shivers
Maryanne Ried
Maurice Gray
Maxine Thompson
Michelle Dunn
Michelle McGriff
Michelle Valentine
Monica Jackson
Monica Carter
Monique Brown
Moody Holiday
Nancy Flowers Willson
Natalie Darden
Natasha Brooks-Harris
Nathaniel Portis
Nea Simone
Nikki Turner
Randall Robinson
Reginald Hall
Robyn Amos
Sammie Ward
Sandra Kitt
Shahrazad Ali
Shannon Holmes
Shelia Goss
Shelly Parris
Shonda Cheekes
Sista Souljah
Stacy Edge
Stanice Anderson
Stephanie Wills
Susan Johnson Clark
Susan Taylor, M.D.
Swanzetta Smith
Sybil Barkley Staples
Sydney Molare
Takesha Powell
Terry a. O'Neal
Tina McKinney
Tonya Blount
Tonya Marie Evans
Tracy Howard
Venise Berry
Veronica Chambers
Vicki Stringer
Walter Mosley
Wanda M. Toby
Wanda Thomas
William Frederick Cooper
Yolantha Pace-Harrison

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